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    <timeout-secs> value In Items for TrueSight actor Adapter

    Paolo Campagno
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      Hi everybody,


      This question is related to TrueSight Orchestration and the adapter bmc-adapter-truesight-operations-manager-actor v


      Using the processes ootb of the module AO-AD-BMC_ProactiveNet_Performance_Management when you build the context item "items" to give in Input for example to the ootb process Update event, you must specify the connection-parameters, for example:


        <value>2 - High</value>


      I know that <timeout-secs> is a field not required and by default it should be 180 sec.


      What is the meaning of this parameter?

      If the connection to the TS cell failed in first attempt after the adapter request, the adapter retries to connect to the cell with other attempts during the timeout-secs value?

      If the time-out expires the update event is leave in tail in TS with out an adapter response?

      What time is recommended (180?) and why?


      I can't retrieve the documentation about this parameter. Someone help me?


      Thanks in advance

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          Carl Wilson


          the timeout value is usually the time that the end system has to respond for the command was sent e.g.



          Specifies the duration after which the operation times out


          Default value: 60 seconds


          It can also be in connections how long it is before the system will report that a connection cannot be made and report a timeout e.g.


          Caused by:

             Summary: Message[summary=Timeout occurred., detail=A request was sent to a remote peer and a response was not received prior to the specified timeout.]


          The default of 3 minutes (180 seconds) allows for enough time for the response or connection to be processed.