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    RE:Notes Field on HPD:Help Desk and SRM:Request

    Abdul Moid Mohammed
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      Hi Everyone,


      We are on BMC Remedy ARS,ITSM,SRM,SLM along with RSSO DWP

      We were to add custom fields on SYS:Notification Messages and things went on well by following few of the knowledge articles from BMC communities which always helped me resolve the issue.

      As of now we are experiencing an issue with Notes Field which is OOTB on the forms HPD:Help Desk and SRM:Request forms.

      I have checked the properties of this field and everything looks similar but when the Notification is sent from SYS:Notification and the other notification i see a difference on Notifications sent using HPD:Help Desk and SRM:Request.

      -- Field Notes displays the output that is from HPD:Help Desk as below.

      and the other notification sent from SRM:Request should send all the details populated above but it is not sending the details to at least Service Requests form as below.

      For your information the field is populated with the below details on SYS:Notification Messages form and all other notifications works fine with no issues but the details on Notes field are just incomplete.

      I have compared the field(Notes) on HPD:Help Desk and SRM:Request and could not find any difference as such.

      Is there a way where in i can have the details populated as per the Ticket created.


      Appreciate response at your earliest availabiltiy.


      Thanks;--Abdul Moid