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    Smart Reporting: How to build a combined view for Incidents AND Work Orders?

    Tamara Ehmoser
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      Hey guys!


      In Smart Reporting, there are separate Views for Incidents and Work Orders, i.e. you can either make a report where you see your Incidents OR make a report where you see your Work Orders.


      Now we got a requirement that they would like to have a view where they see BOTH Incidents and Work Orders, together in 1 report.


      I tried to create a new View in Smart Reporting, but I was not very successful yet, as I have to relate HPD:Help Desk and WOI:Work Order to be able to create the view, but they don't have any relationship from my point of view.


      Did somebody manage to have a Smart Report which shows both Incidents AND Work Orders?


      Thanks & Regards, Tamara