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    All "Terminated Users" and Assigned CI's Custome Report Type Question

    Noah Genin
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      I’m trying to build a report that takes all storetermuser’s from the incident object (this a user lookup type field that is mapped from our termination request definition), and shows us their full name and all CI's on Base Element that they are the primary client of/they are assigned to.


      As you can see here storetermuser is being mapped on the Incident Object from Request definition


      I'm trying to filter where all storetermuser's not equal to " " (null) so that I can get everyone who is Terminated. I could also potentially do All Service Requests where title = Termination.

      After I get a list of all terminated users I just need all CI's on the BASE ELEMENT that they are the primary client of.




      I've tried doing a variation of Incident > User > Base Element custom report types but can't seem to get it. Using Incident as the Primary Object is the only way I can get the filter for all terminated users to work, but I can't join User and Base Element from there in a way that get's the data I need.


      Am I approaching this the wrong way? Really appreciate the help guys!