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    Remedy DB password integration with Cyberarch AIM

    Saurabh Maheshwari
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      Hi folks,


      Good Afternoon !!!


      We are using Cyber arch vault to store all password, Now we have requirement to fetch Remedy database password (which is stored in ar.cfg configuration file) from Cyber arch vault.

      To integrate Cyber vault with any product, we do need to install cyber arch  AIM agent on target machine ( in our case target machine is BMC Remedy application server). After successful installation of AIM agent, we have to use a command which fetch stored password from  vault.

      Below is the reference of the command :

      Clipasswordsdk.exe GetPassword /p AppDescs.AppID= REMEDY /p query="Safe=REMEDY-XXX;Folder=Root;Object=Server-User-XX" /o Password


      if we use this command in cmd then it provides password stored in cyber arch vault. we are trying to configure this command in ar.cfg file so that application can fetch password directly from vault.


      Can anyone provide any help for this configuration.