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    How to use Remedyforce with Salesforce DX Scratch Org

    Lior Lavi
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      Hi everyone,

      Lately I started reading and learning about Salesforce DX with Salesforce Trailhead. I've created an unmanaged package in my development org and pulled the package's metadata to my local project. However, when I'm trying to push my source to a scratch org to test it, I get the "Push failed" error message in my CLI. Checking it with the --dev-debug flag shows that the reason the pull is failing is because it's missing some object types, which are part of Remedyforce, I can't find explanation online how to install BMC Helix Remedyforce on a scratch org as a prerequisite. Do any of you guys use Salesforce DX with Remedyforce and somehow added it to your scratch orgs project-scratch-def.json file to avoid dependencies issues? Does it install the Remedyforce package on your scratch org?


      Thank you all in advance,