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    Activity Log - Details or Troubleshooting Information not loading

    Thomas Stiefel
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      On our development system in Activity Log list everything looks normal, but when I click on then circle with percentage during provisioning or on Troubleshooting Information for a failed deployment, then nothing happens. It is loading for ever, but the popup window with needed information about progress or errors stay empty.

      Hence it´s also not possible to start a retry, because nothing appears.


      I get a lot entries like that in tomcat access log, but nothing happens: - - [04/Jul/2019:11:43:19 +0200] "POST /clmui/HTTPTunnelServlet/ActivityBaseIndex/search HTTP/1.1" 200 569


      Of course I already checked it in different browsers and deleted browser cache.


      Any ideas what could be the problem?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Herman Yudi

          Hello Tom,


          Is this a problem happening only for a specific admin user or consistently for all admin users? Are you also having a problem when clicking on the check-marked for a successful provisioning?


          Please check either in catalina.log or bmccsmportal-stdout.log under the Cloud UI's tomcat/log/  directory to verify if there are any error. It would also be helpful to enable UIOMHANDLER debug category on your Platform Manager's cloudservices.json to analyze the csm.log whenever this issue occurs.



          Herman Yudi

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