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    BMC FootPrints Core v12, limit reports to one customer.

    Thomas Dinham
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      With our current installation of FootPrints we are currently trying to make it so that the relevant reports are being shown to the correct customer without damaging the integrity of the data between customers. As currently we have found that all of our accounts can access the Service Analytics tab, and we currently only want internal members to access. This is also transferable when looking at reporting and making it so that only a set amount of users can see the report relevant to them, is there any way to change this so that it is portal/console specific? So that individual customers can only see their own saved searches?

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          Sridhar Sadhasivam

          Thomas Dinham If I understood your query correctly, this is what we can do:

          • Create a custom role (from one of the currently used one or a brand new one)
            • When you are creating a new role, make sure you have selected the "Role Level" as System so that we get the Service Analytics option
            • You can also copy from an existing System Role
          • Remove the Service Analytics permissions by marking "No"
          • Apply this new role to the desired folks, whom you don't want to access Service Analytics


          As far as saved searches, when this is saved with sharing option set to true (and available in Service Analytics) the application would display that to all users. Only way that I know of is to create private searches.


          If I've understood otherwise, please let me know.



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            Thomas Dinham

            Thank you for your reply Sridhar Sadhasivam,

            With creating the role that has now been tested and works efficiently, so thank you for your response regarding that.

            However the saved searches, what I am looking for is something in between as I would like to as system administrator create saved searches and apply them to specific customers, as I would not like the data between two separate customers available to each other.

            So say I have a saved search/report regarding customer 1 that account admin has created to be public, how would I stop customer 2 from being able to access that saved search and reporting?

            I hope that has cleared up what I am trying to get across.

            Thank you.