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    How does TOM (Total Object Manager) recognize a Started Task Name

    Chris Forzaglia
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      I have one task that TOM is not recognizing.  Say the Task Name is STCTASK1.  Every time I start monitoring it says it's not up - but it is.  It keeps trying to restart and then fails because it's up.  We think there is a SubSystem name associated with the task possibly causing the issue (e.g. STCTASK1.SSTASK1).  I had some success putting a 'Step Name' of SSTASK1 in the "Specify Started Task Information" screen, but after one successful restart the status went from Activ Activ to Activ Inact.  Now I can't clear it again without it trying to restart the task.  It appears to be monitoring OK but the Status is RED and still says Inact.

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          Eric Maanen

          Hello Chris,

          Can you share :

          • Curr Sys Stat
          • Reason
          • Object type


          I'm assuming that you have the correct start event validation values in place.




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            Chris Forzaglia

            Hi Eric.  Here’s some more information…

            Object Name..... GPMSERVE                                                 

            Description..... GPMSERVE

            Product......... STM                                                      

            Sysplex......... PLEXFCB2                                                 

            Def. Base....... SY3BASE                                                 

            Eval'd Status... Active                                                   

            Last Detected... Inactive                                                 

            Curr System..... SY3                                                      

            Curr Sys Stat... ACTIVE                                                   

            Reason.......... Actively running and its status is being maintained by TOM.

            Primary Sys..... SY3                                                      


            For Start Up Validation I’m just using the default 403I

            Startup Validations

            e  Sysplex: PLEXFCB2   DefBase: SY3BASE                                

            e  Object:  GPMSERVE                                                   

            e  Product: Started Task Management                                    

            e CMD I STC             Proc/Job        Type     ID or        Command  

            e       Name            Step Name                Queue        Label    

            e --- - --------------- --------------- -------  ------------ ----------

            e     * GPMSERVE                        MSG      IEF403I               


            Perhaps that’s not sufficient for this product?  The 403I message is in the Task Log.  I guess that’s kind of my question.  Once TOM gets reset, the task is already up.  How does Discovery know or check?