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    Big slow down after 18.08 upgrade

    Philippe Nicol
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      We upgrade our remedy environment in April.


      Following the upgrade, my users are complaining from a major slowdown in Remedy.


      Here are what I have seen:

      • Sometimes we get message in the web browser saying that the server is not responding.
      • The first time we open SRM request entry page to get all of our form, the screen stays white for a time (you think it’s frozen) and the list of appear correctly after
      • The first logon to the system the morning is slow, the user authenticates, we see the page open, but it stays with the loading logo for about a minute event if the user doesn’t have a lot of thing to load in his overview console.


      I have opened a support request at BMC but they don’t seem to know what to do to help me.


      Can anybody give me some hints at what I should to help me?

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