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    Extrapolation : Service demand line

    Darryl Day
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      In creating an extrapolation method scenario this says

      The available configuration settings for an EM scenario are:

      • Name: Name of the scenario
      • Description: Brief description of the scenario
      • Extrapolation method: (Only available if you selected a PLA Analysisin the model creation wizard) allows you to set the extrapolation method. This choice will cause a trendline to be calculated for each series of the PLA analysis; in case a trendline was already defined for the PLA analysis, this choice will overwrite that setting. The available options are:
        • Linear Regression
        • Quadratic Regression
        • Power Regression
        • Exponential Regression
        • Logarithmic Regression
        • Service demand line, calculated in the average, optimistic or pessimistic case.

      do we know what "calculated in the average, optimistic or pessimistic case" is and how it works?