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    Remedy 18.05 LDAP Integration

    Ankit Tiwari
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      Hello Experts,


      I have set up Remedy 18.05 environment and was trying to integrate LDAP with Remedy for AD authentication. I configured AD servers in AREA LDAP Configuration form and made necessary configuration in Server Information tab under EA tab.

      Interestingly, I have observed that when I did AREA Configuration, it didn't push AREA-LDAP parameters in ar.cfg file. In earlier version like 8.1, when we make changes or update AREA LDAP or ARDBC LDAP Configuration then their entry were updated or created in ar.cfg file for ex. AREA-LDAP-Hostname or AREA-LDAP-BindUser.


      This parameters are missing in ar.cfg for ARS 18.05.


      And I'm able to authenticate users properly without those parameters in ar.cfg


      So just wanted to know is this design change or same flaw or AREA LDAP Configurations are stored in some other file for 18.05 ?


      Knowledge Admin