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    Edge and BMC Remedy and Editable Table field

    John Reiser
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      Quick question.


      Has anyone used MS Edge with BMC Remedy AR System?

      I have a table field   that has one column set to editable. It accepts text but will not allow any spaces soallthedatarunstogetherinonelongstringlikethis.

      Is there a setting other than making the table field editable that needs to be set?

      Maybe a css option?


      Thanks, John

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          Marie Johnson


          i’d suggest you call support. 


          I use chrome, safari and Firefox and this isn’t a issue.   I never use Edge and rarely use IE because they are problematic and slow however BMC Software‘s Compatibility Matrix says Edge is compatible so tell the the version of remedy and edge and give them a picture or video of what’s happening and let them test it.  If they can duplicate it then they’ll put a bug in.