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    MRL to generate new event on arrival of two events and close event if any of source event closed

    Indrajit Jadhav
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      Dear Experts,


      We have two Integration services for separate location.

      If we receive IS disconnect event from both IS then we have to generate new event saying that "There is communication issue with this location".

      And if any of IS connection event closes it should close newly generated event as well.

      Below is the code I have have and correlation is not working as expected. Please go through it.                                                                            Thanks in advance.



      correlate ST_IS : PPM_SM_EV ($IS1)with PPM_SM_EV ($IS2)

      where [$IS1.status equals OPEN AND $IS1.mc_host equals 'test545.abcgroup.local' AND $IS2.mc_host equals 'test546.abcgroup.local' AND $IS1.mc_object equals 'IS:TEST545.ABCGROUP.LOCAL:12124' AND $IS1.mc_object equals 'IS:TEST546.ABCGROUP.LOCAL:12124']

      within 5 m

      when $IS2.status equals OPEN


      generate_event(PPM_SM_EV,[severity=CRITICAL,mc_object=DC_to_ST,mc_object_class=PROACTIVENET_COMPONENT,mc_host=DC_to_ST_Connectivity,msg="Coneectivity issue is observed between DC and remote site, please check."]);





      execute Close_ST_Connectivity_Event : PPM_SM_EV($IS)

      where [$IS.mc_host within ['test545.abcgroup.local','test546.abcgroup.local'] AND $IS.mc_object within ['IS:TEST545.ABCGROUP.LOCAL:12124','IS:TEST546.ABCGROUP.LOCAL:12124'] AND $IS.severity equals CRITICAL]

      using { PPM_SM_EV($ST) where [$ST.mc_object equals DC_to_ST AND $ST.mc_host equals DC_to_ST_Connectivity] }

      when $IS.status == CLOSED


      $ST.status = CLOSED;