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    Form Field Disappeared

    Damon Stennett
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      Hi there,


      We are using Footprints 11.6.9


      One of my techs reported discovering that one of the fields on the form disappeared this morning. It was there before 9:19am, then it was gone. I checked the logs and there is no indication of any change or event that explains it. I checked the Form design and sure enough, the field is not there. It isn't hidden, it is just gone. Just to make sure I wasn't losing my marbles I checked a copy of the space that I maintain for training purposes and the field is there.


      I've added the field again, though I've save the form as draft only. I'd like to determine what happened, if possible, before I publish. Does anyone know if recreating the field will allow existing records that had it populated to show that value again?




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          John Ossmann



          If the field truly got deleted, then the column that holds that field data in the database table (MASTERx - where x is the workspace number) would have gotten deleted., so in that case, the new field you created would not repopulate with the previously existing values.


          The fact that you indicated you could recreate it (assuming you used the exact same name) tells me it was in fact deleted.  But you may get an error if and when you try to publish.


          But possibly the field is only hidden by role permission or something to that effect.  I might advise you take this up with your support provider for detailed assistance.  But, if you still see the field at "Administration | Workspace | Schema", that is an indication it does still exist and is hiding for some reason.

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            Damon Stennett

            Hi John,


            Thanks for replying, and so fast!


            I checked the Schema and there the little bugger is. Phew! I was afraid we'd lost 13 years of room number references. So now I will open a support ticket to find out how and why the filed is hiding.


            Thanks for the help!




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              Robert Accardi

              As John said, the ultimate test for whether your data is lost is to check the database. Look for the existence of the column. Column names will differ slightly from the fields' names as they appear in the web interface: spaces will be changed to __b, hyphens will be __c, etc.


              Do you know how to use Javascript at all? You could go to the form designer, open the browser's developer tools and type:


              in the dev console. This should output an object which you can expand. You should see all your field names. Look for your missing field in this object. If you see any fields with strange names such as cf_0, cf_1, etc,  I believe these signify fields added to the form but not yet published. 
              Also look at




              Chrome browser is best for doing this type of troubleshooting.


              Rob Accardi

              RightStar Systems, Inc.

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                Robert Accardi

                I just saw that you found your field. That's a good sign!

                It probably has lost its place and doesn't live on any tab. Using the browser dev tools I mentioned a couple minutes ago, check



                Expand this object and look for your field's name. Expand your field's name, and you should see a "tab" property indicating which tab the field lives on. If this property is not present, that confirms the field has gone into limbo.


                Repairing this will probably involve editing that fbConfig.layout object, either through the browser's dev tools or by editing a JSON file. I expect you would need to add the "tab" property back onto the fbConfig.layout.fields.<your field name> object and also modify the fbConfig.layout.tabs object, but you should work through this with your support provider.

                Good luck


                Rob Accardi

                RightStar Systems, Inc.

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                  Damon Stennett

                  Update: Well, looks like a Password change for a database account that we use for our Dynamic SQL Mappings is the cause. Why? I don't know. But I was able to recreate the room field and all the rooms showed up in the old tickets. But when troubleshooting the SQL Mappings I broke one and suddenly the room was gone again.


                  At least I know I can return it. Now to figure out the Dynamic SQL Mapping issue.


                  Thanks for your help everyone!