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    CCS Component Initialization Error after BMC ARS 18.05 Installation

    Ankit Tiwari
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      Hello Experts,


      I have been building up BMC ARS 18.05 server. So far I have successfully installed BMC AR Server, Atrium Core, Atrium Integrator, ITSM, SRM, SLM.

      We have HA setup which consist of 4 mid tier server, 4 application server and 1 DB server.


      After completing installation on all servers, I'm observing below mentioned error in arjavaplugin.log file:


      CCS component is not initialized returning null

      <PLUGINSVR> <TNAME: pool-5-thread-4 > <ERROR> <LoginAuthenticator > <LoginAuthenticator.java:193 > /* Mon Jun 24 2019 03:35:39.691 */ SBE is not configured please check CCS configuration

      <PLUGINSVR> <TNAME: pool-5-thread-4 > <ERROR> <ServiceBrokerManager > <ServiceBrokerManager.java:36 > /* Mon Jun 24 2019 03:35:39.691 */ SBE Plugin is not initialized hence exiting initialize"


      Is it required to configure Centralized Configuration Server from MidTier configuration page ?


      & Below mentioned error in arerror.log file:


      Executing process: java, directory: D:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem

      Mon Jun 24 15:35:02.724 2019 NotBoundException

      Mon Jun 24 15:35:02.724 2019 java.rmi.NotBoundException: FlashboardAdminService


      I have stopped Flashboard server service but still getting this error in arerror.log file.


      Please provide me with pointer to resolve this errors.