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    Can we set the boot system file after an OS image has been transferred on the network device?  This question is Not Answered.

    Edward Hysaw
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      This question was has not been answered. From my own experience, I have experienced this issue when deploying an IOS and it fails. The IOS is removed but the bootstatement points to a IOS that is not on the device causing the device to boot in ROMMON.


      Utkarsh Kamat Shankhwalkar

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      Utkarsh Kamat Shankhwalkar Employee Dec 8, 2015 6:47 PM

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      Below are the steps that BNA executes when a 'Deploy OS Image' job is executed on a network device:


      01 - Login

      02 - Discover Core properties

      03 - Discover Image Properties

      04 - Snapshot Running

      05 - Snapshot Startup

      06 - Snaphot IOS vlan.dat

      07 - Snapshot OS Image

      08 - Verify Image

      09 - Declare OS Image

      10 - Commit

      11 - Deploy OS Image

      12 - Verify Image

      13 - Snapshot running

      14 - Snapshot Startup

      15 - Snapshot IOS vlan.dat

      16 - Logout


      In step #09, the boot system is set to refer to the new OS image being deployed after which the OS file is transferred from the BNA TFTP server to the device. Instead having the boot system image set before the OS image is transferred to the device, can we do it after the OS image is transferred? That is, #11 and #12 should come before #09 above.