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    Combining WO & Incident In Report With Status Filters

    Tamara Cocks
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      Has anyone successfully done this yet? I've tried to use subqueiries with some success. I used an advanced append subquery and used a left outer join based on the Support Organization. When I do this, I get some sort of result for both work orders and incidents, and it shows all of the statuses for both WO and Incidents...but the incident count is clearly incorrect.

      If I join them based on Status, the numbers are at least different, however work order counts are WAY off, and the statuses shown are limited to Incident statuses only.

      If I try to filter the status on either of these so that I can see only tickets that are open (waiting approval, assigned, progress, pending, etc) then I get an error about one of them being an invalid status for incidents. I have tried both linking the status, and having multiple statuses.

      I have also tried to create a modified view, I tried joining HPD to a WO view I created, but I get results similar to the first one. I tried to join support org and statuses (not at the same time) with an outer join, inner join, and then tried cross join, but they were all massive flops. I did find some videos and tutorials on subqueries, however they haven't been much help for what I am trying to do.

      Any thoughts? Is this even possible?

      Thank you in advance!