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    Lack of detailed licensing information hurts customers

    Roberto Barnes



      I cannot get detailed licensing explanations from either local or regional partners/resellers/reps.


      We did get an audit a year ago and results were confusing. I am sure the audit team has a detailed methodology that outlines how to count license use. However, as a customer, I feel very confused by what is and is not included by the licensing we have.


      For example:

      1. If I just ping a server: Does that count as an event manager/patrol agent license? What about pinging an IP camera? What about pinging a remote cellular or radio base station?
      2. Is licensing free if we monitor our data center UPSs or emergency power generators using the custom SNMP KM to poll OIDs from a Patrol agent?
      3. If I build an impact model in the cell (without importing the CIs from the CMDB): Is that Impact Management license free? After all, every time I monitor a new component, the cell/TSIM creates a CI, even if I don't import it from the CMDB...
      4. What happens if I use a load balancer in front of a server cluster: Why does it show as if we are using 10 licenses when in reality we have two servers publishing 8 load-balanced web sites through our balancer (So it shows as 8 web site IPs, plus two server IPs licenses).
      5. If I use a Patrol agent for remote monitoring: why does the server where the Patrol agent live count as a separate license, if we are only using it for remote monitoring severs that are licensed?
      6. Why after I import a service/impact model from the CMDB into TSOM, every CI shows as a separate component for Impact Manager licensing, even if we are looking at CIs that represent software (DB, Application, etc.) inside a licensed server?


      This lack of clarity makes us very worried about increasing licensing volume (shall we continue with BMC or look for a different product? How far can we go with current licensing?), since we don't really know what is covered and what is not.


      BMC must strive to provide the same information it gives its audit team to its customers, so they can make sure they are within licensing and can, at the same time, maximize the use of the licenses the customer already has. Otherwise, it looks more as "buy more than you need, because you don't really understand what you already have."




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          Roland Pocek

          hi Roberto Barnes


          I would suggest pinging your BMC sales rep or contact BMC directly for these questions.

          from what I know event management licenses are needed for each host sending events into event management and impact manager licenses are for devices/computers systems that are part of any service model you are using.

          also there is no difference in patrol licensing if you are monitoring a server locally with an agent or remote with eg the unix/Linux KM


          hope that helps a bit