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    Smart-Reporting Time Zone Setting - the Time in Smart Reporting is one hour earlier than the time in Work Order

    Zi Sang
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      we have a smart reporting, to get work order completion time.


      However, in smart reporting the time is one hour than the time in WO in Smart-IT.

      For example, for WO12345, the completion time in smart-reporting is 10:00 am, the completion time in the same WO in Smart IT is 11:00 am.


      As we are in German, and use Berlin Time, so i suppose the time for smart-reporting is also Berlin Time.


      1. What time zone is the time in Smart-Reporting?

          It seems it uses London Time?


      2. In Germany there is summer time and winter time, is the summer time and winter time the same in London Time?

      If so, i just - 1 hour to convert the value


      Thank you!