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    Issue inSQL and SMTP adapter

    Ganesamoorthi M
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      Dear All,


      I've an issue in configuring the SQL and SMTP adapter in grid manager. I've configured SQL adapter and added to the grid. Below is the configuration(XML) I've mentioned in the SQL adapter.



      <url>jdbc:db2://<Server name>:<port>/<DB Name></url>

      <user-name>user Name</user-name>

      <password>pass word</password>




      Also I've enabled the adapter in Peers. Now when I checked the status in grid manager it's stopped status(Fault state). Can anyone help me to bring the adapter running status. I've attached the grid log for your reference as well.


      Note: I've a DB2 database installed in my system and I could retrieve the data from database.


      Thank you in advance.