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    Multiple Service Level Targets

    Sean Knight
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      Our current Service Level Agreements are based on priority only with a response time and then a communication schedule.  I attempted to set up SLTs for a priority 1 ticket where response to the ticket is 15 minutes with follow up communication/updates occurring every 30 minutes. 


      1. SLT 1 has Target Type = Response Time; Trigger Date = Create Date; Target Value/Unit = 15 min
      2. SLT 2 has Target Type = Response Time; Trigger Date = Update Date; Target Value/Unit = 30 min


      Upon opening the ticket, it creates the work targets.  However, when responding to the ticket the first time, it is marking both the response and communication work targets as achieved.


      I am 100% sure I may be setting this all up incorrectly, however, has anyone else attempted to do something similar and how did they achieve it?


      It's likely I could set all this up as business rules, but getting the reporting I need is impossible.


      Thank you.



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          Nicolas Roome

          Service Targets aren't really designed for that type of function (continuous notifications at X intervals). They are designed as 1-time (per ticket) objectives to be met at a certain status level.


          What you could do is create a time-based rule that runs every 30 minutes to send notifications while criteria XYZ is met. This would mean the first notification would fire at an odd interval.. ie: the ticket could be 'responded' at 8:20am, and then the first 30-minute notification would go out 10 minutes later at 8:30am.


          If that's ok, that's the easiest way. Else you have to get a little more complex with rules running more often, and that's generally less favourable.