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    How to configure relay/master/client agent configuration

    Lionel ROCHA
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      Having a master and relay in DMZ, and customers over Internet, I have been looking for a long time for documentation or help concerning the recommended values of agents (internet config, no vpn, no lan), but I don't see any help on this subject.


      I focus particularly on everything that deals with TCP configuration, tunnel, communication.


      For example, I saw on a doc a tip on the value Timeout tunnel at 30 to avoid the messages "Failed to get the beginning of the flow". Outside this same parameter, a timeout of 30sec is run before being able to reconnect to the station, when, for example, a disconnection occurs, and this is very annoying, the parameter cannot be applied to me.

      As a general rule, I find that it remains unstable when communication through NAT networks is established. Yet other products are doing well.


      The aim is to be able to share, communicate on good practices, and perhaps create new ideas to improve the product.


      Thank you