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    Unable to fetch csv Data in a correct format when retrieving it from Microsoft Sharepoint

    saurabh shekhar
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      Hello All,


      I am currently Working on an Automation Use case which involves fetching the contents of CSV file from Microsoft Sharepoint and than sending the same through Email.

      But the response which i am getting is in below format:



      **Note:"****"  This shows the Values inside non-xml-data-response tag.


      I want the Data to come in below format format and should be Dynamic in nature irrespective of the number of Rows and column in CSV file.


      COA COA Acct Desc Acct Prefix Revaluation Acct Mapping Changes - Additions( A )  Deletions ( D ) Changes ( C ) MJE OIM Recon Comments for difference:

      ABC BANK1, Operation1,Currency, 12345 1000 10009999 A X

      DEF BANK2, Operation2, Currency,31234 1000 10009999 A X

      GHI BANK3, Operation1, Currency,87628 1000 10009999 A X

      JKL BANK1, Operation1, Currency,57432 1000 10009999 A X

      MNO 456



      Instead of Above format i am getting the XML response in one Single line, which is creating a lot of confusion.

      Can someone please guide me in progressing on this use case ?


      Thanks & Regards,

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