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    TSCO - BMC Discovery 11.x Extractor Failures

    Malusi Khoza
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      Hello good people,

      I'm trying to integrated TSCO with Discovery but getting errors as shown below. I just want to check if anyone has come across such errors or suggestions on how to deal with these failures.

      Thank you!!


      Discovery Version

      TSCO 11.5



      288 psql.bad file sample entries:


      "2019-06-19 14:20:42","2019-06-19 14:20:42",1158,"1970-02-01 00:00:16","SYS","b78462exxxxxxxxxxe5689c269",,"APP","9fb9fd90fxxxxxxxxxd915eea9f","ASSERT",-1,,,"UNKNOWN",,0,"HOSTNAME##UUID","NAME",,


      Systems in Discovery: