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    Previous ODATE

    Todd Lightner
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      How do you get a job that runs on Friday be a predecessor to a job that runs on Saturday? In order words when I use the previous ODAT option it looks for the previous ODATE a week ago vs simply the day before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Tully Krastins

          Hi Todd, yes that Previous ODAT can be a little misleading. Try using "No Date" for when you set the condition on Friday and when you use it as a prereq on Saturday. Just make sure you clean up the condition once it has been consumed by the Saturday job.

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            John DeVane

            We had a similar work issue with scheduling.  We had a schedule with jobs that ran one way M-S and one way on Sunday.  To make it more complex it crossed new day, so when we tried to user previous ODATE with the Sunday jobs it looked back at the previous Sunday.  Monday jobs at the previous Saturday.  It looks at previous Ordered date depending on how scheduled.


            Our work around was to schedule the jobs as we needed, but we separated the jobs into smart folders that ran every day.  We made the folders dependent on the previous ODATE for the folder and it worked well for us.  One set of folders to run the M-Sat jobs, but the folder loads every day.  One set of folders for the Sunday jobs, but the folder loads every day.  Just not the jobs.


            Worked for us.  Depending on your situation maybe it can help you too. 

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