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    how do I include a server reboot activity before and after patching MS SQL Server

    Greg Michael
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      I have been asked by my MS SQL DBAs about creating a method to ensure that applying their patches to the MS SQL Server databases is successful. Part of that process is performing a server reboot prior to patching to ensure that there are no pending patch applications or reboots, and again after patching to ensure that all patches have been applied successfully.


      I have created an Action in the Actions Repository to reboot the Windows server by running the following as a script, and it works as expected.

      cmd /C shutdown /r /t 5


      I'd like to be able to include this Action in MS SQL Server patch packages in the Patch Repository.  I have seen references to adding the script as a pre- and post-provisioning job using bdacli, but I haven't found anything that helps me to understand what steps need to be taken in order to accomplish this.


      Anyone have any ideas that would help?