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    CustomInventory.xml and OpRule step Update Custom Inventory

    Gabriel Andrey
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      Bonjour a toutes et tous,


      Master and clients are in 12.8


      I have to run a PS script to get some BIOS information and I inject the result in the ../data/CustomInventory/CustomInventory.xml


      for now all is in good, but when at the step 'Update Custom Inventory' it does make nothing.


      The CustomInventory.xml as been updated from the 06.14, the step 'Update Custom Inventory as been splited in two parts with adding an 'Upload Custom Inventory'

      the is still at 'CustomInventorySent.xml'

      2019-06-17 08_50_36-Window.png

      2019-06-17 08_50_54-Window.png



      The only things I feel on this problem is a malformated CustomInventory.xml file