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    Issue with CMDB Audit Log for Custom Class

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      Hi All,


      We have created a CMDB Custom Class which is a sub class of Computer System Class.

      So, for this custom class, we have an AST Join Form.

      On top of this AST Join Form, there a another self join form created for one requirement to do modifications of assets.

      The Self Join also holds the field AssetLifeCycleStatus which is an ootb Life cycle attribute with Audit enabled.

      Now, whenever we are updating the Status in the Self Join form , it is properly getting updated in the parent AST form and AST:Attributes.

      But Audit is not getting captured for this attribute AssetLifeCycleStatus.

      If we modify the Status from AST form, its getting captured properly, but not from self join.

      When checked the CMDB:DefaultAuditLog form, I found the entry corresponding to AssetLifeCycleStatus form available with GUID null, Log Key1 null.

      The GUID should be set with the CI Instance ID, Log Key 1 with recon id for reference, but in this case it is null.


      In the logs, I can see only that columns GUID & Log Key1 are missing in the insert statement for good and bad case.


      INSERT INTO T3317(C457,C3,C6,C459,C2,C8,C458,C7,C460,C452,C454,C456,C455,C450,C5,C1) VALUES('AST:Attributes',1560490057,1560490057,'','KDA1COB','n/a','AS223150450700TXtBCQlUry8ATgQW',0,'RE223150450700TXtBCQlUqk0ARQQW',1560490044,'2','','PDI5KOR','000000001269657','AR_AUDITOR','000000043700111')

      INSERT INTO T3317(C457,C3,C6,C459,C2,C8,C7,C452,C454,C456,C455,C450,C5,C1) VALUES('AST:Attributes',1560490058,1560490058,'','KDA1COB','n/a',0,1560490044,'2','','PDI5KOR','000000001269657','AR_AUDITOR','000000043700112')


      Please let me know if someone has any idea on how to solve this issue.