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    TrueSight REST-API Client V3.1.xx / Moving forward with TrueSight Automation ...

    Timo Schmidt
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      Hi everybody,


      the TrueSight REST-API Client (=TRAPIC) has grown more and more over the last months so finally I had to create an

      own product & download page for him ;-) So take a look at version 3.1.xx with ...


      • much more functions to get data out of TrueSight Operations Manager
      • much more wrappers e.g. to automate Authorization Profile maintenance
      • the first easy to use audit tool to create a CSV or HTML audit report


      Follow the link to learn more about it ...

      TAUBER TrueSight REST-API Client – TAUBER Business Solutions


      .. or go directly to the download page to test it!

      TAUBER TrueSight REST-API Client Downloads – TAUBER Business Solutions


      Have a great TrueSight day ;-)