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    Remedyforce console - custom view for tasks - not listing 'My Tasks'

    Matthew Coffin
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      Hi Everyone - I hope someone can help. I am creating a view in the remedy force console which does not work as expected [ It does not work at all :-)]

      The standard task view is this - I have looked at Filtering records in list views - Documentation for BMC Remedyforce 20.19.01 - BMC Documentation



      I am trying to create a view for 'My Tasks Pending' [Should be My Pending Tasks]  so that when a Service Desk staff member logs on and wants to see the tasks they have pending ,they

      only see there tasks. I have configured the view like this -



      However , when logging in as 'Janet John' , and running this task - it does not return any records


      I have another custom view or filter , and this does work  - the only difference is that this is all tasks



      Can someone point out what I am missing?