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    SRM 9.1.04 - patch 2 - Report an Issue

    T. D.
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      In 9.1.04 patch 2 the user can search for Knowledge Articles from SRM. If the user clicks on a Knowledge Article they will see a button in the lower right corner - Report An Issue.


      Clicking the button allows the user to enter a Summary, Description and Urgency of their issue.


      I'm looking at docs.bmc.com web site under Knowledge Management, but I am not finding anything on Report An Issue.


      I found this paragraph in the Service Request Management documentation, but it is not very helpful.


      To report an issue from a Knowledge Base article


      1. In the bottom-right section of the article, click Report an Issue.
      2. In the Report an Issue form, enter the following information:
        1. In the Summary field, enter a brief statement of the problem.
        2. (Optional) In the Description field, enter additional details of the problem.
        3. In the Urgency field, select an option that indicates the urgency of the problem.
      3. If you do not want to attach the article to the request, which is displayed in the All Articles Viewed field, click Remove.
      4. Click Submit.


      Is there a KB or white paper on this?


      Thanks in advance!