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    General questions regarding installation of DWP Catalog

    Thad Esser
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      I have DWP Basic (MyIT) installed and basically working.  Now, I'm preparing to install DWP Catalog and had a few general questions that I haven't found an answer to in the docs.  This is my first foray into it, so apologies if the questions are banal.


      1.  Is the DWP Catalog based on a Remdey/AR server?  A lot of the setup docs are referring to system variables that are typical of an AR System.  There was a pic of the folder structure and it looks similar to ARS, but I didn't see anywhere in the docs that explicitly mention that DWP Catalog is based on an AR Server.  Follow up questions if it is really an AR server:

           1a.  ARS isn't limited to just Linux.  Why/What about DWP Catalog mandates that it be on Linux (what are the things/features that are "can only be done with Linux")?

           1b.  We have 3 Remedy servers for ITSM, 1 admin, 2 user facing.  Does the DWP Catalog server get added to the ITSM server group, or is it completely standalone?


      2.  Is DWP Catalog only usable if you have Remedy SSO implemented?  We haven't ever needed that before, so that's a whole other can of worms I'd prefer to avoid.


      3.  The DWP Basic/MyIT and SmartIT installers both included an option to install an embedded tomcat server.  Does the DWP Catalog have the same thing, or is tomcat something that needs to be manually installed?  Presumably on the same Linux server (asking because one of the docs said something about needing a mid-tier, so does that negate the need for a tomcat install on the Linux server)?


      Any other pitfalls, hints, tips, or things that you didn't understand until you actually got through the install?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Hugh Fairfield

          Hi Thad,


          I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can.


          1. It is based on the next iteration of remedy (innovation studio). The installer is only supported on linux so it isn't possible to get DWPC installed on windows. It is a standalone from your normal remedy server, but a lot of the configuration would follow the same guidelines as remedy (for example, HA architecture, FTS architecture, etc).


          2. It is recommended to go with RSSO for DWP -> DWPC integration


          3. DWPC has an embedded jetty server as a web server (not tomcat).


          Hope that answers your questions.





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            John Gallagher

            Hey Thad Esser


            1) No, it’s not based off the traditional remedy server Platform. It does share a similar directory structure with many of the same config names but that’s about it. It also has some basic forms for configuration purposes only.


            1 a) Yes, the Catalog is only available for Linux. I‘m not aware of plans for Windows.


            1 b) The Catalog is separate from the DWP Client and ITSM and can also have its own cluster/Group just like ARSystem. The connection from the Catalog to Remedy ITSM is via the Cataog remedy connector .


            2) The reason for RSSO is because the end users must also exist in the user form in the Catalog to see catalog services and either the passwords must match (can work in a test or dev env.) or an SSO solution intercepts the request and authenticates.


            3) The Catalog comes with its own Jetty Web Server.


            With regard to the installation, I did a video demo for 3.4 but the procedure hasn’t changed much.


            Connect with Remedy - Digital Workplace Adv Installation Overview - YouTube




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              Thad Esser

              Thank you for responding.


              1.  That helps - I haven't read the HA docs yet, but knowing it's roughly Remedy gives me a sense of what to expect in terms of setting up a server group.


              2.  Recommended... but not required?  Do general users (not DWP Catalog admins) end up logging onto the DWP Catalog server?  I'm not fully groking the interplay between the DWP Basic servers and DWP Catalog.  My understanding was that the DWP Catalog server provided a bridge between DWP Basic and whatever fulfillment app, but that only admins would really log on to the DWPC server directly.


              3.  Good to know... I didn't find where the docs explicitly say to install java.  I was thinking tomcat would need it, but I guess it'll be needed more for the pseudo Remedy server.


              Thanks again,


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                Hugh Fairfield

                For RSSO, what you mention is exactly the reason it isn't recommended. DWP has to authenticate with the DWPC server. In a non rsso environment, that means the password has to be synchronized between the remedy server and the DWPC server (and that password has to be communicated between the 2 servers as well). Requiring that adds another point of failure. With RSSO, there is a single place where the credentials are stored. Not using RSSO is ok for a POC, but it shouldn't be used for a production environment.


                Java is mentioned in the documentation here:






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                  Thad Esser

                  Thanks, I see what happened with not finding the part about installing java.  In that doc it is listed as step 4 in that section, after the steps for checking for alternatives.  Since steps 1-3 failed for me, I figured I was on the wrong doc or had missed something, without scrolling down any further.  Maybe make it it's own section, "ensure java is installed" and put it before the "you must pick one of many java versions" sections.


                  Anyway, I got that part figured out, thanks.

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                    Thad Esser

                    Thanks for the answers and the video.  It helped to see it end to end, although I had a few questions watching it.  I'll try to find the answers myself first though.