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    Exploring job opportunities TrueSight Operations Management

    Patrick Mischler
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      I can offer 15 years of experience in monitoring with PATROL/TrueSight. In my career I have planed and implemented medium to large PATROL and TrueSight platforms. My responsibility included creating deployable packages to the platform engineers to build platform specific installation packages, developing knowledge modules, consulting regarding monitoring topics and building supporting tools for the operations team of the PATROL/TrueSight platform.


      Due to my broad field of work, I was able to build up knowledge and experience in several technologies. Amongst them are writing scripts in different scripting languages such as shell, Perl and Python. In addition to that, I can offer knowledge in JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS and as well MySQL/MariaDB. I have basic knowledge in MS SQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. Lately I was able to get some knowledge for Kafka and Java.


      At the moment I am working on my bachelor study in Informatics, of which the goal is to complete in 2023.