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    So many questions

    Tom Murphy
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      Guys, I won't lie.  I went through a ton of effort convincing the board that we NEED to update Track-It! from 11.x to the latest and greatest 2019.  Then, when doing it, I had stumbles and fumbles trying to get it all working and it's STILL not fully functional but I just don't have the time to drop everything and work on it.  Bottom line, I'm not in love and neither are my users and techs.


      Here's some questions, hopefully someone can help with one or two.


      1.  When I'm in a ticket, and I click the "Email" icon at the top, the "To" field is populated with the requester.  Great!  However, the "Subject" field is blank.  OK, someone please tell me how to populate that automatically with the subject of the ticket?


      2.  When a user submits an update about a ticket, presumably using the self-service portal, I want the technician assigned to that ticket to get an email.  Hey dude, you know that ticket you're calling the requester asking for an update about?  Yeah, they gave you an update 2 days ago.  You didn't know?  It's a bad look.  GOT to be a way for me to be aware that the requester said "you fixed it, thanks!"


      3.  When I'm a user and I go into the self-service portal to look at the status of my ticket, the info there is pretty slim.  I get this absolutely useless thread of system notes showing me what business rules have been applied to the ticket like "business rule create ticket has created a ticket" and "assigned to help desk" and so forth.  Neat, but nobody cares.  They want to know who's working on it and what's being done.  When I do a thing on a ticket, I add to the "Ticket Notes" field at the bottom.  For the life of me I can't find how to make that section visible to the user in the self-service portal.  They can see things in the "additional information" field, but I don't put things there.  I put things in "Ticket Notes".  How do I make that visible to the users in the portal?


      4.  When I go to add a note to the "Ticket Notes" field, SO MANY icons appear letting me indent, change the font size and color and shape, insert special characters, insert placeholders, add an anchor (what???).  Let's say I'm Captain Fancypants and I want to make MY ticket notes be in a specific color and font.  How can I set that to be a default for me when I'm logged in?  I gotta manually change the font and color every time I add a note? 


      I got a few more, but let's see if anyone can help with these.  I appreciate you all and the time you spent reading this schlock.  Hopefully I can beat this version of Track-It! into a thing that we all like to use and I can STOP HEARING ABOUT HOW WE NEED TO GO BACK TO THE OLD VERSION.  


      I don't WANT TO!!!!

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          Cris Coffey

          Hey Tom. Sounds like maybe a support call into our support team was in order here because most of these are easy answers for the support team.



            1.  The Subject field is blank by default in new emails from the help desk. We tack on the ticket # once you send it but the subject is customizable for each email. If you would like to see this happen differently, you can log an Idea in the Ideas area or find if there is already an Idea for this and vote on it.

            2.  The Business Rules handle these notifications and much much more. There are canned rules you can turn on to do these notifications or you can copy them and customize them. It is up to you.

            3.  First off, with self-service, it is geared towards users so it’s meant to be a simpler view. It is also about 95% the same as Track-It! 11 so that users to the new interface don’t have to re-learn everything. The Ticket Notes input by the Technician have a default flag of Private, which the technician can set this to Public if you want the end user to see it. There is also a behind the scenes configuration option to default the notes to public if you wish. Support can assist with that if you want to change it, just keep in mind then all notes entered by a technician are public by default and you run the risk of sensitive info being seen by users in self service. End users can also click the filter and filter out system notes if they only want to see the technician notes.

            4.  The fonts are customizable in the notes, just as they were in Track-It! 11 but with a few more options. But just like Track-It! 11, the default is the default and that cannot be changed. This could be another Idea for an enhancement.


          Hope this helps. Our support team can answer all these types of questions and more pretty quickly so don’t let yourself get frustrated. If you cant find what you need by looking at the UI or doing a quick review of the docs, just give them a call. You can find options for contacting them at support.trackit.com.


          Hope this was helpful.

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            Tom Murphy

            1.  Found someone else with the same idea, i voted for it.


            2.  Oof...THOSE things.  I'll bang my head against them a little more.


            3.  WOW.  You're totally right.  My technician notes were defaulting to private.  I turn that off, BOOM the user can see it.  And they can filter out the system notes too.  Thanks for that.


            4.  Bummer.  I'll search for ideas.



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              Cris Coffey

              A little more about Rules. In Track-It! 11, the rules were separated into different areas depending on what they were for and also limited to only those actions which the system allowed. Users also often complained about not being able to easily find a specific rule setting for a specific action.


              The rules in Track-It! 2018/19 are all in 1 spot under Business Rules and they can be written to execute tasks against Assets, Purchase Orders, Change Requests and Tickets. We have also created about 25 canned rules containing all sorts of examples of the types of things you can do in the rules. You can simply enable all of those canned rules (which I wouldnt recommend because you will get tons of emails then) or pick and choose a few to enable (what I would do) then let them run for a few days and if you want to tweak them, simply disable the canned rule, copy it, make your changes and then enable it.


              Remember support is there to help if you need.

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                Cathy Grant

                We went to the new version b/c the old version database apparently was corrupted and Trackit could not help me.  Now we're stuck with this new version and there are too many things that don't work and too many problems.  I'm tired of hear "it's a bug" or "post it to be voted on".  Some things are a given but not for this version!  For sure when our contract is almost up we will be looking for something else. 

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                  Cris Coffey

                  Sorry to hear that Cathy. This is one reason why we have been continually publishing what features are available in the docs and communicating that to all customers who download the new version, to try to make sure Track-It! 11 customers understand that the new version is being developed in phases and to wait to upgrade until all the features they need are ready. I am sorry to hear you felt you had to move early and are now having issues.

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                    Manish Gadgil

                    Tom Murphy -  do check beta.trackit.com. I just created a sample rule that is likely going to help address what you are trying to achieve in #2


                    Check the rule "Notify Technician on a new note"

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                      Jay Wolcott

                      How do we get access beta.trackit.com?  I want to see how you created that rule "Notify Technician on a new note".  Would have been easier if you had posted that answer here so I don't have to wait to gain access to that site to see the answer. 

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                        Cris Coffey

                        It is a simple rule really. Create a rule for any time a Ticket is Updated, then have the condition be "Latest Note Date has Changed". This would trigger the  rule when a Ticket is updated when a Note is added. Then for Actions you could send an email and include All Notes, Last Note Added, Resolution Note or any other fields you want included in the message.


                        If you want to join the Beta program, you can do that by following the Join the Track-It! Developers Circle link at the right of the main page of this Track-It! community.

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                          Jay Wolcott



                          Sorry but this didn't help.  I was hoping to see exactly how it was setup.  Guess I will have to wait to see if I can join the Track-It! Developers Circle to get that answer. 

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                            Cris Coffey

                            Where did you get stuck?  Here is a screen shot of the rule. 


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                              Cris Coffey

                              Here is the Notification part showing a sample message below. I also created this rule in the trackit.trybmc.com demo instance if you want to see it. It is called _Notify Technician on New Note.


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                                Jay Wolcott

                                I'm trying to see all configurations in the Rule.  I'm having problems with my rules notifying anyone in our department so I'm trying to see everything down to the details in the actions.  I also couldn't find the link you mentioned to join the developers site. 

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                                  Cris Coffey

                                  Ok, the screen shots above should help, the actual rule in http://trackit.trybmc.com should also help and if not, I would suggest contacting support because this is fairly straightforward so if it appears you have it set up right and still arent receiving notifications, something must be wrong that support would need to dig into.


                                  As for joining the developers circle (which is overkill for this issue since I created the same rule in the public demo above) if you are interested, you can do so at the link on the main page of this community (see screen shot below) or by just clicking here - https://communities.bmc.com/community/bmcdn/bmc_track-it/blog/2017/06/27/join-the-track-it-developers-circle



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                                    Jay Wolcott



                                    Thank you for this information.  I will test it tomorrow. 

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