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    Running an .exe under job os type with run as detached yelds error -6232576

    Virgilio Rodriguez
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      Hello there.


      We´running an exe programme on a windows server

      1. when we run it manually, the programme runs smoothly and does exactly as expected. We´ve also debugged the programme and it runs trhough the path it is intended, and is able to operate on all the necesssary resources.
      2. then, when using an OS type job with the run as detached tick box marked, in the same server and with an exact copy of the user used to run it manually, the programme does not seem to do anything, although there is some CPU ussage reported on the output, and Control-M return code seems to be -6232576; both the job definition and the execution output are presentede further below.


      Can anyone spot what is wrong? Or point to where I can query what the -6232576 code stands for?


      Thanks in advance.

      Output - UESM4P-Oracle_to_CSV_INDOC.JPGJOB Definition - UESM4P-Oracle_to_CSV_INDOC.JPG