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    server.xml (Access is denied) on TSPS

    Reto Streit



      It seems that since the update from TSPS TS11.0 to TS11.3.02 the server.xml file has lost permissions. TSPS is running on Windows.


      I can see following error in tssh.log

      ERROR 06/05 13:38:13.384 [main] c.b.t.a.u.FileManagerUtil BMC_TS-CA000020E Unable to read HTTP port info from file [D:\Program Files\BMC Software\TrueSightPServer\truesightpserver\modules\tomcat\conf\server.xml] Exception while reading Tomcat's configuration file.

      java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:\Program Files\BMC Software\TrueSightPServer\truesightpserver\modules\tomcat\conf\server.xml (Access is denied)


      and if I try to open this file manually I also get "Access is denied" message.


      Is this a known issue? And are there more files with no access Rights?


      Thanks for your help, Reto

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          Thad White

          Hi Reto,

            I have an 11.3.02 TSPS on Windows and do not have that problem nor have I heard of that before.  Sounds like some process is holding it hostage.  If you shut down the TSPS are you able to access it manually?

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            Reto Streit

            Hi Thad

            Thank you for your input. I stopped the TSPS this morning but the behaviour was the same, no access to the file.

            I then manually gave permissions to the server.xml file and restarted TSPS.

            The error I had seen before in the tssh.log is no longer present now.

            I hope TSPS runs better now.

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              Patrick Mischler

              There are also some other files where only SYSTEM, NETWORK SERVICE and the user which performed the installation do have access rights e.g. modules/tomtac/conf/tomcat-users.xml.


              I think it is not a problem for the TSPS as long SYSTEM and NETWORK SEVICE do have access to the files. But other users than the user which has performed the installation cannot access the files.

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                Javier Hernandez

                Hi Patrick, Reto,


                I wonder if this symptom you have reported could be related in some way to the old case 00332657 that Juerg opened when he needed to stop TSPS processes and only start TSPS database to perform some action.

                In that case, if the operation was performed by the user ID that did install TSPS component  (userA for instance) then all was working fine, however if the operation was tried by any other OS logged in user (userB for instance), even is that OS user belonged to the same OS groups than userA, the start of TSPS DB failed.


                The workaround in that case for allowing userB to properly start the postgres db process was to open Windows Explorer and get the properties of the TrueSightPServer folder. Then add to the security tab the OS domain user of the userB.


                We created an RFE (QM002288234) to be considered.




                Kind regards,


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                  Reto Streit

                  Hi Javier

                  Thanks a lot for your feedback. I have also found an article in BMC's knowledge base about the problem not beeing able to start the database.

                  Therefore I also added my user to the permissions of TrueSightPServer folder, but I had three files that couldn't be changed. One of them was the server.xml file.

                  But in fact it was not a database problem, it was always possible to start the database as well as the whole TSPS, the only problem I had seen was the log entry that there is no acces to server.xml file. Since the file has now other permissions this error message has gone.

                  Kind regards, Reto

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                    Javier Hernandez

                    Hi Reto,


                    You are welcome. Although the problem statement was different I felt it could be related in some way, but based on your comments it seems it's something different.


                    The good thing is that since you gave access to the files to your user you are not seeing the error messages.


                    Kind regards,

                    Javier H.

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                      Patrick Mischler

                      Hi Reto

                      Of course you cannot change the permissions of the files where you are not the owner and you don't have access rights. This must be done by the owner or an user with full access rights.