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    Help on the SRM "Request Again" function.

    Hellyson Lima
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      Hello, in the company that I provides service the Service Request Definition has many changes, so, alwayz that the SRD has changes, the functionality "Request Again" is lost, because if a user uses the Requested Again function, the SRM uses the old flow and not the new one. I've already looked for BMC and this is a default behavior (As Design).


      Here, in the company, it isn't possible to disable this functionality (Request Again), but I thought of a way, if this option is used, check if the request has changed, if yes, instead of opening using the "Request Again" option, open as was a new request (Request Now). I thought of the following flow:


      • When creating/changing a question, mappings, actions, PDT or AOT of an SRD, set this option in the SRD through a date field.
      • When clicking in the "Request Again" button, verify that the previous request was requested and the date the SRD was changed, if the SRD was changed after the previous request was opened, instead of opening the new pre-filled request , would open the request in the "Request Now" format. If the SRD change date is less than the date of the previous request, it would normally open using the "Request Again" function.

      For this, in the BMC documentation there is an HTML (SRM_SREC_MyRequestTemplate) in the "AR System Resource Definitions" form, but I did not find the "Request Now" HTML, I wanted to find some way to edit this HTML to do this control, or request the event of cloning, or requesting the "Request Now" event.


      Any idea how to do this?



      Thank you.

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          Sanjeeva NAIDU GURRAM

          1. Open Form - AR System Resource Definitions

          2. Search for Record - SRM_SREC_MyRequestTemplate

          3. Open an html and take out below lines



          <li class="action_link_sub border_right" style="display:$304291550$">
          <a href="#" id="reopen-$301524100$" class="action_link" onclick="ARMT_SendSignalToParent
          ('REOPEN_SERVICE_REQUEST','$301596500$',this); return false">$304299560$</a>



          4. Delete the existing record and add the updated html

          5. Flush Midtier cache/local browser cache

          6. Reopen button should not be available on the request entry console



          Sanjeeva Gurram

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            Hellyson Lima

            Hello Snajeeva, thanks for your answer, but, as I said, here, the members uses a lot this function and we can not disable it.

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              Sinisa Mikor

              You could alter event workflow.


              Normally, Request Now triggers event workflow on SRS:SREC_BrowseCategories with:

                    $EVENTDATA$ set to $SRDInstanceId$ and

                    $EVENTTYPE$ set to "provide-information",

              while Request Again triggers event workflow on SRS:ServiceRequestConsole with:

                    $EVENTDATA$ set to "SRDGUID=" + $SRDInstanceID$ + ";SRGUID=" + $InstanceId$ and

                    $EVENTTYPE$ set to "CLONE_SERVICE_REQUEST".


              If you modify SRS:SRK:EventTrap_ProcessEvents (or add your own active link(s) before it), you should be able to redirect workflow when SR is older than current version of SRD.

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                Hellyson Lima

                Hooowww Sinisa Mikor, worked very fine!!!!


                I did the follow ALs:


                • SRS:RequestDetails:RequestAgain_000_000_CallGuide
                  • Active Guide: SRS:RequestDetails:RequestAgain_000_000_ActiveGuide
                    • SRS:RequestDetails:RequestAgain_000_010_Guide_SetDates
                    • SRS:RequestDetails:RequestAgain_000_020_Guide_SetDates_Actual
                    • SRS:RequestDetails:RequestAgain_000_030_Guide_SetEvent_RequestNow
                • SRS:RequestDetails:RequestAgain_005_GoTo_1000


                • The "000_000" runs on event when the $EVENTDATA$ is "CLONE_SERVICE_REQUEST" In order 0. This AL call the ALG.
                • ALs "000_010", "000_020" and "000_030", I check the modification date of SRD and call, if necessary, the event "provide-information". I setted too the temporary field "z1D_Char01" to "GoTo_1000_RequestAgain"
                • AL "005" runs same of AL "000_000" and if the temporary field "z1D_Char01" set as "GoTo_1000_RequestAgain". The action go to order 1000 to don't call ALs for clone request.


                Using these flow, I didn't need to overlay or change the native objects.


                Thanks a lot...


                Best regards

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                  Sinisa Mikor

                  You're welcome.  Did you think of showing warning when switching to Request Now to avoid confusion/aggitation of unwary submitters?

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                    Hellyson Lima

                    Hi Sinisa Mikor... No... I did this flow and showed to my client and and it was decided to don't show anything, just change de flow.


                    Best regards