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    APL.ARDBC.RESTFULARDBCPLUGIN not responding for one vendor form

    Peter Lundqvist
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      This is a newbie question, for sure.


      I have a couple of vendor forms working against APL.ARDBC.RESTFULARDBCPLUGIN successfully (great work LJ LongWing!).

      Last friday I created a new form that seems to work just fine except for that it does not return any values.


      Looking at arjavaplugin.log I see this difference between this form and other forms:

      <APL.ARDBC.RESTFULARDBCPLUGIN>getListEntryWithFields took 119 ms

      ENTRYID: getEntryIdListFromKey after Entry.splitEntryId(15599152331, utf-8)

      ENTRYID: splited: 15599152331

      ENTRYID: after plugin.getListEntryWithFields() returned from plug-in APL.ARDBC.RESTFULARDBCPLUGIN;  List<Entry>

      ENTRYID: 15599152331

      ENTRYID: from rpc split entryId byte[] revert back to String: 15599152331^@^@^@^@^@

      +++++++++++++++++ set encoding UTF-8




      ENTRYID: getEntryIdListFromKey after Entry.splitEntryId(SpecifyElement, utf-8)

      ENTRYID: splited: SpecifyElement

      +++++++++++++++++ set encoding UTF-8


      It seems no request id is being generated. Any ideas of what I have screwed up and how to fix it?