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    Converting vSphere view from presentation Server

    Oscar Garcia
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      Hi all


      Following with my goal explained in Converting Custom view from Presentation Server to BIRT report , now I am trying to mimic the vsphere view and present it in a report:


      This is the view I am interested in:




      To know the query, I edit the page and see that the datamart use is:





      Then I go to Capacity Optimization and extract the query regarding this datamart:



      I now have the SQL that  get this datamart. Going back to Integration Studio ant try to create this sql query as a dataset:



      But I got the next error:



      Maybe I can not use the SQL directly and have to create a new one.


      Does anyone can point me to some clue to get this query working?



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          Mike West



          The data mart code you are using includes macros and you can't use macros directly in BIRT/Integration Studio.  You can create a similar data mart without the macros and maetricalize your data mart.  Some analysis will be required on your part to understand which filters are important for your final report and which filters are not needed.  Assuming you decide whether or not you want filters, then you can create a data source in BIRT/IS that calls your data mart and uses parameters in the query to apply your filters.




          Mike West

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