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    Converting Custom view from Presentation Server to BIRT report

    Oscar Garcia
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      Hi Team


      I have been working with a customer for a while. In presentation server, I have created some custom views.


      We are interested in some information that you can obtain for the vmware view, for example the forecast information:



      The problem is that customer is asking for the views to be exported as a report each friday. Even when tsps has the capacity of export some parts of the view, it has not schedule capabilities.


      For this situation, I have been exploring the BIRT interface in reporting studio.


      Thanks to Mike West from BMC, he shared some tips to use this info:


      You can get the information you need by using the public view pv_rm_recomm and joining it with pv_system to get the system names.




      Depending on how large the environment it might be best to create a materialized data mart with the results from your query…



      But the information has the xml tags inside, Mike alse shared a solution:


      REGEXP_REPLACE(rr.recomm, '<.+?>', '')           AS recommendation



      That doesn´t work for me, but I used this:


      select *, REGEXP_REPLACE(rr.recommendation, E'<[^>]+>', '','gi' )AS recommendation_jojo from pv_rm_recomm rr


      With this query, I created the datamart in Data Sets:


      Now I can see the information in Preview view:


      This has been the first step in creating this custom report.


      Hope this helps to someone else.