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    Angelo Pisaturo
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      Hi expert,

      I've a question for you...

      you suppose to change the status of a host (in the ComputerSystem class) from "deployed" to "disposed".

      I know that the status of the CI is mapped to AST_ATTRIBUTES.

      I want to make sure that the status of all objects associated with the host (such as software instance, filesystem, processors and so on) will be set to "disposed".


      Do you have any idea how to make this change?

      Thanks in advance for your precious help.


      PS: the version of my environment is 9.1.03

          Sinisa Mikor

          How were you planning to change status of associated objects (manually, by workflow, using a scheduled job)?  Every direct relationship between that host (or any configuration item) and any other configuration item is recorded in BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseRelationship; there are two potential problems there -- objects associated to hosts may have other objects associated to them, and hosts host services which may have to survive disposing of host.  Not to mention that depending on your environment, hosts may be "discovered" by one of many tools, which may handle disposing of it as well.

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            Angelo Pisaturo

            Hi Sinisa,



            thank you and sorry for the delay....but I was out of office...

            I know that all the relations beetwen CIs are recorded in BMC_BaseRelationship.

            My idea is to create an "active link" that at the changes of status of the host from the AST_ComputerSystem form execute a query that changes the status of all objects related to the server on the AST_ATTRIBUTES. As you say my problem is that the objects associated to hosts have other objects associated and, unfortunately , at this point my developments have stopped ....


            Have you any idea? have you already developed something similar?


            PS: for the moment I want to do this change manually


            I hope you can help me :-)

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              Manish Patel

              I think AR Filter(s) will be appropriate for what you want to achieve. I haven’t come across this scenario before.

              You may want to ask this question in ITSM Forum to get more detail about filter implementation.



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                Sinisa Mikor

                Active link isn't really necessary, unless you wish to prevent automatic disposal -- if you add filter which is triggered when status of CI is to be changed to Disposed (either from Deployed or from any other, as you wish), you could use it as entry point for disposal procedure by calling filter guide which would take care of identifying other CIs that need to be updated; this filter would have to execute on Modify action, meaning that whenever original CI is updated (either manually by clicking on Save button, or automatically), it would start disposal procedure, if necessary.


                Filter guide should loop through all related CIs and depending on their type either ignore CIs or promote Disposed status.  The latter could be done by simple Push Fields action to update its status -- its update would recursively trigger another instance of initial filter, allowing you to choose whether to promote change to next level or to stop traversing that branch at that point by Run If Qualification.

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                  Marie Johnson

                  One of the issues pointed out by Sinisa Mikor are relationships which are used by other CI for example a database.  What you need to do is look for relationships with that CI where it is the only one.  Thus if you have machine123 with SQLA and OSB you want to delete those relationship records on machine123, then if you look at the relationships for OSB and SQLA speparately and there are no other records you want to decom the respective CIs.  Removing the relationship is the right step (not the CI) and then looking for orphan CIs with no relationships should be a regular maintenance exercise.

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                    Angelo Pisaturo

                    hi Marie Johnson

                    exact! this is precisely the heart of the activity I am doing