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    Purge (RE) activity is not deleting relationships that are in BMC.AM namespace

    Daniel Hudsky
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      While pursuing 100% quality of CMDB data, I've discovered an issue with the Purge activity of 9.x reconciliation.

      This issue will occur with legacy data that is still "Active" in the CMDB datasets. Specifically the upgrade stage of Asset Management from 7.x to 8.1 was given an "optional" upgrade step known is Phase 3. If you're pursuing 99.999 or even 100% data quality goal in the CMDB then it should be noted that this phase was not really "optional", but mandatory.


      The effect is that RE Purge activity will not delete relationships that are using the "Class ID" of relationships with BMC.AM name space.

      For example relationship classid "BMC_INVENTORYBULKITEMS" will not be purged even if the CI's related to them have been deleted or purged when MAD.Y is set (MarkAsDeleted=Yes).


      The solution is to delete these records manually or to "elevate" the ClassId to its nearest "non-BMC.AM" namespace, such as BMC_DEPENDENCY using SQL query.

      This solution can be met with complexity in production environments. It is possible that the current version of "cdmchecker" (by Manish Patel) resolves this issue. Unfortunately this particular API is nearly impossible to run in Production environments because it does not comply with data audits.