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    Firewalls in Impact Models

    Ryan Wiltshire
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      The team is looking to on board firewall CIs to the CMDB. With every new CI, the question is always about how these will relate to existing CIs to add to the impact model.


      In general, our firewall and application teams are looking to include Firewall CIs in the model to better understand the impact on business services and the supporting applications.


      Have other companies built out a data model for Firewall CIs? Is there a reference model that would show impact of a firewall to network or infrastructure directly or indirectly?


      One thought was relating firewalls to the subnets the devices are servicing. These subnets would be related to infrastructure (servers, storage, network). Firewalls would impact the serviced subnets would then impact the servers part of that subnet.


      I did not see any data models beyond the device model in the documentation.