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    Rule produces 3 update events and I don't know why?

    Sonja Vicchiollo
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      We are moving to the new Track-It!.....LOVE IT. I created a rule that (is supposed to) send SA's an email 6480 hours (9months) after Date Closed is entered in the PO module


      My conditions:

      When Purchase Order is created / updated

      with Custom Text 1 = is not blank


      Status = Received



      Send Notification with To Administrator / Subject {purchase order - summary}

      Body {Purchase Order - Summary}  - Is coming up for renewal. Please see Track-It Purchase #{Purchase Order - Purchase Order Number}


      Actions Schedule

      At a later time

      hours = 6480 after Date Closed


      This works nicely, except that it produced 3 pending update actions in the business rule event viewer. The next execution date is correctly calculated based off the close date, but Why am I getting 3 of them?? I thought it might be because I have a system Admiinistration group tied to "tech administrator", but there are 4 people in that group so I'm still guessing.

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          Cris Coffey

          That is strange but the events don’t always equate directly to notifications. Sometimes they are update or schedule events that are just part of the process or part of other rules. You may try copying that rule and setting it up for 5 minutes and doing a test to see if it triggers 3 notifications. It might also be that the Create/Update is triggering 2 or you might want to set an additional condition to “Status Has Changed”. That way you are sure to only trigger the rule when the status is updated to Received. The way your rule is currently set up, it could trigger every time a received PO is opened and saved again because you are only checking for Status=Received.

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            Linda Kirkpatrick

            Ok Cris so should we just step away from this or is the rule actually setup incorrectly? 


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              Cris Coffey

              Looks to me like you need some additional conditions but support would probably be able to help nail this down. If it were me, I would start with a clean rule and add each condition while making sure to add things like "has changed" conditions as well. Do you understand what I mean when I say to add a "has changed" condition?  For example, if you make a condition that says Status = Received, then set this to happen on a purchase order update, every time you save that PO, it will trigger that notification again. Even if you open it up and change another field, if the status is still Received, when you save the PO, it will trigger the rule again.  Now if you add a Status Has Changed criteria, the rule will only fire when the status has actually changed from something else to Received and will never fire again after that no matter how many times you save the purchase order.

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