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    Can we tag file system as 'System' or 'Application' in TSCO

    Siddharth Misra
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      As a Capacity user, I know that some filesystems are more important than others.

      I would like to inquire if we can tag certain filesystems in 2 categories (i.e., System and Application).


      Example (1) - Some filesystems are system/OS specific, whereas others are 'application'.  As an application capacity user, I only need to manage the utilisation of the 'application' filesystems but how can I know what they are?  Normally, the filesystems below are considered 'System' and everything else is considered 'Application'.
      Unix: /, /usr, /var, /tmp, /opt, /sysb_dir, /mksysb, /root, /admin, /boot, /var/log
      Windows:  C:
      Result: all fileystems will be tagged either Application or System

      Example (2) - Some 'application' filesystems are not actually used by the application but are there for edge case uses, like holding diagnostic tools to be used in the event of an outsage investigation.  It is quite common for application owners when facing a predicted filesystem breach to request that it be ignored (with a reason)
      Result: some filesystems will be tagged Ignore (for capacity)


      Kindly suggest if we can have/apply this tagging rules in TSCO. !