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    Digital Workplace (Catalog) and Custom Approval Processes

    Brent Maloney
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      So i'm using a custom Approval definition in the Approval Administration Console, and i'm finding that the approval is created no issues in Approval Central, it can be approved in Approval Central or DWP no issues, but there's no e-mail being sent.

      If I don't specify a different Approval Process in the "Call Activity" in Service Broker, I believe this uses the "Service Request - Management" Approval mapping, and that one works fine.   The e-mail is created as expected.


      So I added the two notifications to my Approval Process, the same as in the Service Request - Management process, but it's still not working.   I think it's because it's leveraging a OoB message "SRM-REQ-Approver_Notification".    Or maybe the default Approval Process that is called from the "Call Activity" in Service Broker uses something else?    but I don't see any other Approval Processes using the SB:ServiceRequestStub.




      Note:  The customer wants to use the E-mail Approval feature.   We have this working for approvals added to a CRQ.   So the solution needs to work with this e-mail approval...

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          Al O'Connor

          Hi Brent,


          I would say that the most likely reason that your notification is not working is because you have probably set the notification "Method" value to "E-mail" and it would need to be set to "Workflow", if you were attempting to use an SRM request notification. Note that this will likely still not work out for you because re-using the SRM request notification for a Service Broker (DWP Advanced) approval will not work. The SRM notification message will contain various keywords, which are surrounded by the "#" symbol, and those keywords will only be replaced if the NTE:SYS-NT Process Control entry has the form name set to "SRM:Request". In addition, the appropriate fields would need to be populated with values that should be replacing those keywords.


          I would suggest that you instead continue to use the "E-mail" method, and instead generate your own message text, which can use some of the Service Broker request fields, much like what you see in the "SB Manager Approval New Approval" notification for the "SB Request Manager Approval" process notification.