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    portal 2.11.00 agentless for MSSQL server 2008

    Chao Liu



      when we monitor sqlserver 2008 by agentless in portal. it failed with following errors.we found the following KA,but the monitored machine is not in AD domain.


      KnowledgeArticle - BMC 


      BMC-PM2000007E: Unable to access drive on host=,port=1433,instance=DEFAULT. Disk drive is E. Caused by: jcifs.smb.SmbAuthException: Access is denied..:com_bmc_DRPM2 BMC-1DU000466E - WMI Collector failed to execute query: Connection:[\\\root\cimv2, User:\patrol, auth:],Query:select State from win32_service where Name = 'SQLSERVERAGENT'. ERROR = WBEM_E_ACCESS_DENIED - Access denied
      . Please refer online help:patsdk-wmi