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    Synthetic playback via TEA agent requires windows server with Terminal services when using thick client recordings

    Jamil Hussain
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      Product: BMC truesight application visibility Synthetic monitoring Borland sillk


      We have done a recording of a thick client in Borland silk recorder, when we playback that transaction we get an error, we have been told that for thick client playback windows server is required as playback is done through the terminal services, now the issue we have is that the application does not work on windows server,  in addition if we did get it to work on windows server that is not a identical test to the live system as users use windows desktops, and the two environments would be so far different it would not classify as a valid test.



      Is this by design that the synthetic monitoring uses only terminal server for thick client playback?

      What other options are there for playback via the TEA Agent for thick client for customers that don't want to use a server.