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    create new metric alert in BPPM 9.6

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      Hi Team,


      I am new learner to learn BPPM9.6 version. Please help me on the below.


      As per our present BPPM 9.6 configuration, we are not monitoring Linux servers Storage Disks(Attached Disk image). But data collection is working. Basically we are using Absolute Global thresholds for every metric. But these Linux storage Disks don't have Global thresholds.


      So as per customer requirement i want to enable one of the metric monitoring(Attached Disk2 image) "Average Num Of Requests In The Queue".


      So my question is if i set Global thresholds for this metric, is it enough to generate the alerts for this metric? Or is need to change any where(like policies to customizes alert summary)?


      Please let me know the update. Also please let me know the generate test alert for this metric.